The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services (D.EMS) was established in 1975 and is a Department of the Ministry of Communications and Works (MCW). The basic objective for its establishment was to bring under a single management all the workshops and staff employed in the maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment and machinery.

Since then, the role of D.EMS has changed considerably. Today the Department, thanks to its qualified scientific and technical staff acts as the advisor of the government on questions relating to electricity and on all electromechanical issues. It carries out a wide range of activities, such as the planning, the design, the execution and the maintenance of governmental electromechanical installations, the purchase of machinery and vehicles, the management of vehicles, machinery and electromechanical installations/equipment as well as the maintenance of all government buildings.

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Address: Ag. Ilarionos Anenue, Kaimakli, 1426 Lefkosia, Cyprus
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Andreas Louka, [email protected]

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