The cooperation project "ANAVATHMEZO", addresses the challenge of energy interventions on historic buildings. The aim of the project is to develop optimal energy retrofit techniques that transforms the existing historic buildings into high-energy efficiency ones. The project also includes the energy upgrading of two iconic buildings in the eligible area, the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Cyprus and the Loggia, the Town Hall of Heraklion, Crete. In this way, the project serves the European and national objectives for the transition into a low-carbon green economy.

Energy Upgrading of Historic Buildings

The energy upgrade of historic buildings is a particular challenge due to the restrictions and prohibitions related to respecting and preserving their form. The absence of relevant standards and good practices resulting, a limited number of successful energy retrofit projects on historic buildings within the eligible area. Therefore, an important innovation of this project is the standardization to address this difficult issue on the basis of "comprehensive energy planning" through a multidisciplinary and cross-border approach and cooperation. The exchange of architectural heritage management practices between the two involved countries is also of high importance. The beneficiary buildings are excellent examples of energy upgrade solutions of historic buildings in the eligible area. Therefore, the standardization of the solutions will be carried out with the aim of transferring and applying them to similar buildings in Greece and Cyprus.

The result of the project include the increase of energy efficiency and RES utilization in the two historic buildings. In addition to that, innovative solutions, transferable construction practices and sustainable mobility solutions are developed. Through targeted actions, the project enhances the information and awareness of citizens, stakeholders and the society on the aspects of energy sustainability.


Presidential Palace of the Republic of Cyprus

The Presidential Palace is the official residence and main working place of the President of the Republic of Cyprus. It is located very close to the center of Nicosia and is surrounded by a dense pine forest. .


Loggia - Town Hall of Heraklion, Crete

During the Venetian occupation, the Loggia building was the official meeting place for nobles and lords to discuss various economic, commercial and political issues that concerned the city, or to spend their leisure time, something like a combination of a present-day chamber and club. It is an indispensable public edifice in every Venetian town, and was not lacking even in the colonies of the time. For Candia, now the city of Heraklion, is considered one of the most elegant architectural monuments of the Venetian period, and an example of Palladian style.